People taking part in a peer support group had a readmission rate of only 17% compared with an expected 30%.

Posted on May 16, 2013 in Peer-based services, Peers in the mental health system, Recovery

More info:

A 3 month study in Australia on the effectiveness of peer support for people with varied mental health diagnoses found that only 17% (8) were readmitted to the hospital. Of the 8 people readmitted, 4 were for physical health reasons.

From the source:

“Only a small proportion of consumers relapsed to hospital either during or directly after the support period (n¼8). This represents approximately 17% of referrals, well below the expected 30% relapse rate within the system prior to the project.”


Lawn, S., Smith, A., Hunter, K. (2008). Mental health peer support for hospital avoidance and early discharge: An Australian example of consumer driven and operated service. Journal of Mental Health, 17(5): 498 – 508.